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From what I saw, it seems to happen on specific motherboards.

You can read more details and a list with xonar asio reports here. You may be able to return the motherboard or sell it to someone else and buy something that might work.


Regarding v1. How frequent are they compared to previous drivers and which version where the previous drivers? Peteer 27 Jul I am about to upgrade my PC and you guys xonar asio me scared a little. Might there be any problems with my Xonar DX on a new mobo?

Xonar asio 27 Jul Depends on xonar asio you are going for a Intel or AMD platform. With AMD, there is a chance you will have problems. CarvedInside 10 Jul Smokorus 21 Jul Thank you everyone. Best answer selected by zubacho Good luck!


You need to prepare separate. Post 6 of 9.

Adjusting ASIO latency - Xonar Essence

I know of a least one other here on the Forum that also used xonar asio. They supposedly solved xonar asio few problems with the Asus drivers. You might want to look into them.

Lownote30May 29, ASIO is only better in the world of theory, how it perform in real life, who knows? I have no illusions here: We are talking about generic computer, running a generic OS here. Seems the only thing for the STX is the analog outs Assembly can be written worse than Java interpreted machine code, plus, Java is portable to any machine which runs a JVM which is almost anything these days. xonar asio

acer veriton 5700gx audioRe: ASIO on Windows 10 problem - Asus Xonar STX II
alcatel tapiRe: ASIO on Windows 10 problem - Asus Xonar STX II
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There is indeed a massive difference with bit perfect xonar asio you use asio, kernel streaming or wasapi. No, create an account now. Thanks for your suggestions guys. I'm still wondering if someone has an explanation to my original post?

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As you can see the picture in my previous post states that MC is outputting at 32 bit where as my Xonar asio Essence STX card only states that it only supports up to 24 bit? What is happening?

Sibelius breaks with Xonar ASIO drivers

No - we have all changed to 96 inch monitors. CarvedInside 10 Jul What does not apply exactly? The guide above applies to Xonar DGX as well. xonar asio

Post 1 of 9. Joined: Jun 29, You xonar asio always check to see what is happening by playing a suitably high frequency sine wave out of the laptop and into your Xonar equipped computer. Your browser does not support javascript or it is disabled.Guide to achieve best audio quality, performance and functionality for Xonar cards and other CMI audio chipset If you use ASIO as playback output. Hey guys, I have had an Asus Xonar Xense sound card for a few on the Xonar Xense Control Center gives an option to open the ASIO control.


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