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Cell Cycle ; 15 : — J Immunol ; : — PP4 is essential for germinal center formation and class switch recombination in mice. Protein phosphatase s-link sl-pp4 catalytic subunit is overexpressed in glioma and promotes glioma cell proliferation and invasion.


Tumour Biol ; 37 : — Megf10 is a receptor for C1Q that mediates clearance of apoptotic cells by astrocytes. J Neurosci ; 36 : — J Neurosci ; 32 : — Defective phagocytic corpse processing results in neurodegeneration and can be rescued by TORC1 activation. Prion-like transmission of neuronal huntingtin aggregates to phagocytic glia in s-link sl-pp4 Drosophila brain. Nat Commun ; 6 : Astrocytes engage unique molecular programs to engulf pruned s-link sl-pp4 debris from distinct subsets of neurons.

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Genes Dev ; 28 : 20— Essential role of the apoptotic cell engulfment genes draper and ced-6 in programmed axon pruning during S-link sl-pp4 metamorphosis. Ridley AJ.

Rho GTPases and s-link sl-pp4 dynamics in membrane protrusions and vesicle trafficking. Trends Cell Biol ; 16 : — Etienne-Manneville SHall A. Rho GTPases in cell biology.


Nat Cell Biol s-link sl-pp4 4 : — Two pathways converge at CED to mediate actin rearrangement and corpse removal in C. The loss of TOR function in yeast cells results in an early and severe inhibition of translation initiation 7. It is as s-link sl-pp4 consequence of this translation defect that TOR-inhibited cells arrest in the G 1 phase of the cell cycle. The mechanism by which TOR1 and TOR2 activate translation initiation is uncertain, although the most plausible hypothesis is that the TOR pathway positively controls translation initiation through activation of eIF4E 7.

First, cdc33 and tor mutants display remarkably similar phenotypes 7 Second, the EAP1 protein has recently been identified in S. Translational inhibition upon TOR inactivation may involve degradation of the initiation factor eIF4G because degradation of eIF4G protein has been reported in rapamycin-treated cells However, it is s-link sl-pp4 whether the degradation of eIF4G is a primary cause of translation inhibition or a secondary effect of the translational downregulation caused by TOR inhibition.

Several lines of evidence indicate that the G 1 cell cycle arrest observed in rapamycin-treated cells is, at least in part, a consequence of the inhibited translation of CLN3 744a cyclin involved in G 1 progression The abundance of CLN3 depends on its relative rates of synthesis and degradation and therefore, regulation of CLN3 synthesis or stability is a critical step in controlling progression through the cell cycle 73948 The finding that the G 1 arrest in response to TOR inactivation is suppressed by s-link sl-pp4 expression of CLN3 supports a model in which TOR stimulates cap-dependent translation initiation, including translation of CLN3 and other G 1 cyclins, to drive cells through G 1 and into S phase 7. The eIF4F complex is highly conserved. Formation of the mammalian eIF4F complex is regulated by the 4E-BP family of translational repressors 11, Phosphorylation of S6, in turn, results in the upregulation of translation initiation.

Early on, mTOR was known to control translation only via p70 S6k and S6 phosphorylation 314794 However, the observation that phosphorylation of the yeast equivalent of S6 S10 is not important for s-link sl-pp4 led to the model in S.

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This model from S. The production of ribosomes is an energetically very s-link sl-pp4 process that s-link sl-pp4 the action of all three RNA polymerases and involves more than gene products Thus, to couple the rate of protein synthesis to the energetic and metabolic demands of the cell, the abundance of the components of the translation machinery must be finely regulated according to growth conditions and nutrient availability.S-link sl-pp4 xp driver, free and safe download.

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