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Not bad for a 1. Motec Systems USA shared a post.


You can do it all motec injector a MoTeC! See All. A lot of movement up top.

Not bad for a 1. Windows based Motec injector Manager tuning software with user motec injector screen layouts. Free access to wideband Lambda and data logging for initial tuning. Any Condition New Used. Delivery Options. Online Catalogue.


Close Step 1 of 2: Register Please enter your details below to register for an account. Multiple errors may also occur due to incorrect Setup. MoTeC Calibration 47 Calibration The Calibration Tables determine how the motec injector devices should be controlled for motec injector sensor readings.

The ECU Manager software should be used to adjust the various calibration tables to suit the engine. Warning Alarms Set the Warning Alarms to warn if the engine temperature goes too high. The warning alarms may be set in the motec injector menu.

Injector errors, Over duty, Ref / sync errors MoTeC M84 User Manual Page 43 / 86

Note that when the engine RPM or Load is between table sites the current fuel value or Ignition value etc is effected by the sites to either side. For this reason when adjusting the calibration values it is important that the engine RPM and Load are centred on the current adjustment site to ensure that the values from the adjacent sites have minimal influence on the value being adjusted. Use the Target at the left of the table to ensure that motec injector engine operating point is centred on the site being adjusted. During initial tuning, if large adjustments are required to a particular site ensure that the sites around it are also adjusted to a similar value so that the adjacent sites have minimal influence.


A number of site tables are available which affect different calibration tables. Use the help to check which calibration tables are effected by which site tables. To insert or delete sites use the Tools menu press the F9 key. When sites are inserted or deleted the calibration tables may be adjusted so that the new sites motec injector not affect the tuning. Dyno The alternator should be connected while tuning the engine to ensure that the injectors are working motec injector normal operating voltage. The exhaust system should be the same as that in the vehicle as it will effect the engine tuning. On multi runner intake manifolds the air box should be fitted as it is an integral part of the intake system and will effect the engine tuning. The fuel pressure is critical to the injector flow and should be monitored during dyno tuning. Incorrect fuel pressure will result in incorrect tuning.

Note that on turbo engines the fuel pressure will vary as the manifold pressure varies because the regulator maintains a fixed pressure above manifold pressure.

Work through all the table values systematically so that all points are adjusted for the correct Air Fuel Ratio reading. Use extreme caution when adjusting the fuel to ensure that the engine does not run lean at high loads. It is best to start rich. A temperature compensated wideband Air Fuel Ratio Meter is essential to ensure correct air fuel ratio. If the engine is motec injector for any reason including over rich the sensor may falsely read lean due to the oxygen in the unburnt mixture. Universal Digital Motec injector.

Injector errors, Over duty, Ref / sync errors MoTeC M84 User Manual Page 43 / 86

Available in single version, expandable to the dual version. The single version is enabled for a free evaluation period of the first motec injector hours engine running time.for YP Injectors. Part No: # Denso YP Injector Connector Male. Part No: # Injector Connector Kit to Fit Uscar. Part No. If you are running motec injector of the GP packages later than July 15, then there is a drop down list of injector Calibrations under Fuel Injector Primary.

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