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  • UnixODBC - isql

Isql default this example of --concealthe password is modified without displaying the password entered. In this example of --concealpassword is modified without displaying the password entered.

This example uses the default wildcard as the prompt label:. Activate a isql default for the current user. Sets the application name to the name of isql default script that started the isql session:. This sample ocs.

Deletes myaseHistory. Following are the commands you can use at isql prompt:.

To redirect the output of a T-SQL command to a new file, or overwrite the file if it already exists:. If a number representing the blob isql default is passed, then only BLOBs with the specififc sub-type will be displayed. The default is 1 for text sub-types.

You will notice in the last example that a isql default was displayed advising that we are only displaying BLOB data for sub-type 7 and the BLOB data in this isql default is a sub-type 1, so the data are not displayed. This command determines whether a line of text is displayed at the end of the output from a DML statement, telling the user how many rows were affected. Setting rowcount to zero, which is the default when isql is started, results in a select statement returning all rows which meet the criteria in the where clause. There are circumstances where you do not want lots and lots of output scrolling up the screen, so you may set rowcount to a smaller number and all subsequent select statements will only display the first 'n' rows instead of everything.

Command-line options for starting the SQL interactive interface

If you want to comment out a go command, it should not be at the beginning of a line. For example, to comment out the go command:. To change this default order, user the convert function. The isql user interface is unchanged except:. The following command-line options have been added to enable network-based security services on the connection:. isql default

UnixODBC - isql [Gerardnico]

Error message format is different from previous versions of isql. If you have scripts that perform routines based on the values of these messages, you may need to isql default them. Table 1.


These isql default all discussed below. Note that the output from the help set command does not include the set transaction command.

Isql Set Commands

The help set command produces the following output from Firebird 2. In the above, the Isql default commands are incomplete. They should be BLOBdisplay. The above is displayed when the set command is executed with no parameters, however, in the following descriptions of the various set commands, I will be using the full BLOBdisplay version of the appropriate commands. The following example connects to a secured database named payroll as user Master with password j77b The following example shows how to process isql default SQL statements.

Command-line Options

Free Trial. When you include the -X parameter, the password-enabled connection proceeds according to server capabilities:.


If the server isql default handle both extended password and password encryption, extended password encryption negotiations are used. If the server cannot handle password encryption or extended password encryption, the first connection attempt fails and the client attempts to reconnect using a plain text password. To use isql interactively, give the command isql and any of the optional parameters at your operating system prompt. Isql default is possible to connect to a database using isql in two ways: locally and remotely. Some builds require additional C compiler and other environment flags to be set before running the configure command, specially when building bit versions of the server.

To alleviate these problems, database aliases can be used. This is the upper bound to which you as a multilevel user can set curread during the session.The default is 60 seconds.


This value affects only the time that isql waits for the server to respond to a login attempt. To specify a timeout period for command. Specifies the maximum timeout value allowed when connecting to Adaptive Server. The default is 60 seconds. This isql default affects only the time that isql waits for.

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