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Our benchmarks sometimes come from unexpected places, and such is the case with this one. David Tabb is a friend of mine amd phenom 9750 quad-core high school and a long-time TR reader. In shotgun proteomics, researchers digest complex mixtures of proteins into peptides, separate them by liquid chromatography, and analyze them by tandem mass spectrometers. This creates data sets containing tens of thousands of spectra that can be identified to peptide sequences drawn from the known genomes for most lab organisms. Recently, David Tabb and Matthew Chambers at Vanderbilt University developed MyriMatchan algorithm that can exploit multiple cores amd phenom 9750 quad-core multiple computers for this matching. Source code and binaries of MyriMatch are publicly available.

In this test, tandem mass spectra from a Thermo LTQ mass spectrometer are identified to peptides generated from the proteins of S. The data set was provided by Andy Link at Vanderbilt University.

MyriMatch uses threading to accelerate the handling of protein sequences. The database read into memory is separated into a number of jobs, typically the number amd phenom 9750 quad-core threads multiplied by When a thread finishes handling all proteins in the current job, it accepts another job from the queue. This technique is intended to minimize synchronization overhead between threads and minimize CPU idle time. The most important news for us is that MyriMatch is a widely multithreaded real-world application that we can use with a relevant data set. I should mention that performance scaling in MyriMatch tends to be limited by several factors, including memory bandwidth, as David explains:.

Inefficiencies in scaling occur from a variety of sources.

First, each thread is comparing to a common collection of tandem mass spectra in memory. Although most peptides will be compared to different spectra within the collection, sometimes multiple threads attempt to compare to the same spectra simultaneously, necessitating a mutex mechanism for each spectrum. Second, the number of spectra in memory far exceeds the capacity of processor caches, and so the memory controller gets a fair workout during execution. When sorted by their best times, the Amd phenom 9750 quad-core bracket the Q, and look at how they manage it.

AMD Phenom X4 GHz Quad-Core (HDWCJ4BGH) Processor for sale online eBay

Although the Q is quicker with one and two amd phenom 9750 quad-core, the Phenoms scale better to four threads. This benchmark has been available to the public for some time in single-threaded form, but Charles was kind enough to put together a multithreaded version of the benchmark for us with a larger data set. He has also put a web page online with a downloadable version of the multithreaded benchmark, a description, and some results here. In this test, the application is basically doing analysis of airflow over an aircraft wing. I will step out of the way and let Charles explain the rest:. The CFD grid contains 1.

Phenom Quad-Core Can Run PC Game System Requirements

The benchmark executable advances the Mach 0. A benchmark score is reported as a CFD cycle frequency in Hertz. GPU Hierarchy. GPU Compare.

AMD Phenom X4 9750 Quad Core CPU Review

CPU Compare. Gaming Laptops. Gaming Monitors. CompuBench 1.


Performance per Watt. Mind that I am also running three displays, each application on it's own. I have found that this combination of hardware is very well balanced. Read full review.


For the money, this little CPU romps. Let me tell you, though, that this little processor flies.

Using the AMD64 Direct Connect Architecture, application performance is dramatically increased while reducing memory latency. Search refinements. AMD Phenom X44, 2. Shadow of the Tomb Raider Low Settings Sniper Elite 4 Low Settings Star Wars: Battlefront 2 Low Settings Tekken 7 Low Settings Medium FPS. Disconnects stopped immediately.Price and performance details for the AMD Phenom Quad-Core can be found below. This is made using thousands of PerformanceTest benchmark results. Buy AMD Phenom X4 - Quad Amd phenom 9750 quad-core GHz 4 x KB L2 2MB L3 Cache Pin AM2+ 64 Bit HDXAJ4BGH Processor only: CPU Processors.

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