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Fixed 'green screen' bug. The camera resources are properly released now.

Wonderful news for the poor man like me hope I can find one in Australia! My Diffused Illumination Setup. The following versions: 5. The actual developer alexp ps3 eye the free program is Code.


We could just as easily buy 4 pci express usb boards. Im looking into upgrading from my eyetoy to the playstation eye.

W.F.M.H.'s blog » PS3 Eye under Windows

My primary reasoning is that I run windows 7 64bit. My question alexp ps3 eye would it be hard to port your driver to use the eyetoy? Ricardo said this on October 6, at pm Reply gr8 app seems to be running on vista for me Sad thing is my MSN dotn work when its installed, maybe you can work on a fix for this!! Thug said this on January 17, at pm Reply Same here. AmCap fails to work, Test is fine, Gchat sees camera for audio but not video yet I still cannot chat with it… Adam said this on January 18, at pm Reply Followed the instructions. Bob said this on February 8, at am Reply I followed the directions and installed then plugged in the camera, went to device manager and tried to update the camera using the AlexP folder and it says no drivers found.

Vincent said this alexp ps3 eye February 9, at pm Reply I have been using the latest version without any problems with your testing app in all resolutions without any problems. Look forward to testing it out.

alexp ps3 eye Wow AlexP! It is a major pain to write DS video source filter since there is not much info about this process out there…. Sony PS3 Eye beginners. Joined: Aug 16, Messages: Likes Received: 3. Thanks, been waiting on these. I've tested many times and it's because of Freetrack or the Camera drivers. Playing the sim alone, does not crash, ever Black Shark, btw. Topic Type : Discussions Questions. After a bit of hacking, they've developed a driver for it and released it on their forums. The main reason they are so interested in it is that it can capture. Thanks again Jorge said this on September 18, at am Reply can i use this on xb and would it work on aim? Keep up the great great great work, and hopefully there will be future releases. This is amazing work and I just bookmarked all of this.

Oliver said this on November 4, at pm Reply Oliver, Thanks for your comment.

How to Use the PS3 Eye on Skype

Juan said this on July 14, at am Reply. Bob said this on February 8, at am Reply.


I followed the directions and alexp ps3 eye then plugged in the camera, went to device manager and tried to update the camera using the AlexP folder and it says no drivers found. I am currently using Windows Vista 64 bit.

Kinect Hacker Won't Share, Even for Money

Any help solving this issue would be appreciated. You'll see something like this: I added the option of controlling the camera settings such as Gain, Exposure, White balance etc. After a few moments the alexp ps3 eye will start capturing and the AMCAP will show the camera preview in its window: Camera properties selects video format: Camera settings: Currently the PS3Eye camera DirectShow component is set by default alexp ps3 eye capture uncompressed x RGB 24bit video at 30fps. Progen is this working now? Let me know what I would need to do so I can recompile tbeta so it works with the ps3 eye.

You can also easily track IR emitters or markers using this method.

Like most webcams, the Sony normally detects visible light and blocks IR light.My driver exposes PS3Eye camera as a device with direct access, thus eliminating. Alex P.

Gambler “ glad to have you alexp ps3 eye with new eyes!. Finally, here is the long awaited PS3Eye multicam driver After a lot of testing and optimization of the internal driver code, I finally am ready to.

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