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Thickness Measurements of Polymer Aircraft Windshields. Outdoor 38dl plus setting, A-scan mode. Jun Get Best Deal. Postal Please provide a valid postal code.

This supplier does not rent in your city. However, we can still help you! Studies in the power generation industry indicate that the effect of scale 38dl plus relatively insignificant up to thicknesses of approximately 0.

Beyond that thickness, 38dl plus negative effects of scale increase rapidly. Measurement of scale thickness allows a plant operator to estimate remaining tube 38dl plus life and to identify and replace tubes that are approaching the failure point.

Model 38DL PLUS Operation Training - ppt download

A, June Software Options 91 7. To set up for oxide layer measurement 1.

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Press [MEAS]. Figure Selecting which measurement 38dl plus with the larger font To calibrate for oxide layer measurements 1. Couple the transducer to the thick oxide-free boiler tube sample.


When using the M normal incident 38dl plus transducer, you must use shear wave couplant SWC between the delay line and the surface of the material 2. Using the arrow 38dl plus, edit the thickness value to match the known thickness of the thick sample.

Olympus 38dl PluS ultrasonic thickness gauge with d790-SM transducer.

Couple the transducer to the thin oxide-free boiler tube sample. Using the arrow keys, edit the thickness value to match the known thickness of the thin sample. A, June Software Options 93 9. Couple the transducer to the sample with known internal oxide thickness. Using the arrow keys, edit the thickness value to match the known internal oxide thickness. The 38DL PLUS makes a standard mode 2 measurement from the delay line echo surface 38dl plus the boiler tube to the echo from the inside of the oxide layer total back-wall echo. A, June 94 Chapter 7 To achieve accurate boiler tube and internal oxide scale thickness readings, remove any oxide scale or coating from the external surface of the boiler tube.

The minimum internal oxide thickness that the 38DL PLUS can measure depends on the material sound velocity but is approximately 0. The 38DL PLUS only displays the thickness of the steel boiler tube when the internal oxide scale thickness is below the minimum measurement capability or when it is exfoliated disbonded from the inside of the boiler tube. Figure on page 94 shows a waveform from a sample in which the internal oxide layer is disbonded from the boiler tube. Because the oxide is disbonded, sound energy does not travel 38dl plus the internal oxide layer, and only a single reflected echo from the inside of the boiler tube appears.

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When the internal oxide is thinner than 0. 38dl plus, June Software Options 95 7. You can combine 38dl plus function with the barrier layer thickness mode to measure the thickness of barrier layers in multilayer plastic containers.


You can save the measured values to the internal datalogger or send them to a computer. Multi-measurement common applications are: Multilayer plastic fuel tanks Multilayer plastic bottle preforms Multilayer aircraft windows Contact lenses: radius of curvature and thickness calculation Co-extruded plastic Two-layer hot tubs and spas The 38DL PLUS has three different multi-measurement modes: 38dl plus Measures and displays up to four different thickness layers or three layers and the sum of any selected layers. This mode is designed specifically for the measurement 38dl plus soft contact lenses.

Use this mode for barrier layer measurement applications. Refer to chapter 12 on page for information about creating custom setups.

The value of the active measurement is highlighted and is repeated at the bottom of the screen. The corresponding waveform appears in the waveform display see Figure on page Figure 38dl plus display screen To change 38dl plus active measurement 1. Enable the multi-measurement mode see section 7. No matter how wet the detection site, there is much dust, how cold or how hot, how bright or how dark, 38DL PLUS can detect normal work.

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  • Olympus 38DL Plus Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge
  • Model 38DL PLUS Operation Training

Thanks for submitting your review of Olympus. This document was prepared with particular attention to usage to ensure the accuracy of the information 38dl plus therein, and corresponds to the version of the product manufactured prior to the date appearing on the title page.The 38DL PLUS is an innovative instrument that signals a new era in ultrasonic thickness gaging. Ideally suited for almost every ultrasonic thickness application, this handheld thickness gage is fully compatible with a full 38dl plus of dual and single element transducers.

The 38DL PLUS is an innovative instrument that signals a new era in ultrasonic thickness gaging. Ideally suited for almost 38dl plus ultra- sonic thickness.

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